About Us

At Junior Skin Co., our goal is to help women worldwide feel confident and beautiful. We're a community that learns from each other's stories and experiences, and it's these insights that fuel our drive to constantly improve and cater to your skin care needs. Our first product focused on a common concern among women: unwanted hair. We developed an at-home solution that's both time and cost-effective, delivering noticeable results. In fact, you can see your skin become smoother and softer after just two treatments. But our journey didn't end there. Recognizing the demand for varied beauty solutions, we've expanded our range to include other popular items like hair wavers and glow brushes. The response has been fantastic, with these products selling out three times due to their high demand! A noteworthy achievement that we're immensely proud of is our three-year partnership with Miss Universe Australia, further testament to our commitment to promoting beauty and confidence. At Junior Skin Co., we aim to make your skin care journey as pleasurable as possible. From the moment you open your beautifully packaged order to any interactions with our friendly customer service team, we're dedicated to making you feel special. After all, taking care of your skin should be a delight, not a chore.